Cleaning guru shares 30p duvet-cleaning hack which will make it good as new

When you’re doing a deep clean of your bedroom, there’s probably an item that you forget, or don’t even give a second thought to cleaning – and that’s your duvet.

There are many reasons why it’s important to wash your duvet, however, as they can harbour dust, sweat, and dirt if left for too long.

According to The Fine Bedding Company, duvets should be washed once every six months, or at least once every year. Bacteria and bodily fluids build up in duvets over a short period of time, with duvet covers and pyjamas merely acting as a ‘first line of defence’ against sweat.

When it comes to washing your duvet, it’s best to check the care instructions before doing anything. Synthetic-filled duvets are usually fine to wash at home, but if your duvet is filled with natural materials such as feather and down, then unfortunately it may need to be taken to the dry cleaners.

If you’ve checked and you can wash your duvet at home, one cleaning guru has got a quick, easy, and cheap method to ensure that your duvet will look as good as new once you’ve given it a clean.

TikToker @shellslittlehome has shared how she cleans her duvet at home with ease. Revealing her advice in a handy tutorial video, first, she poured detergent and softener into her bath before mixing them together with a wooden spoon. Then she also added some stain remover to ensure the duvet comes out of the bath as white as possible.

“Leave to soak in hot water for two hours”, she instructed as she prods the duvet down to ensure the mixture is covering the whole duvet.

She then said that you need to rinse the duvet, and dry it – the cleaning savvy TikToker puts it in the tumble dryer, but of course, you can dry it with other methods.

At the end, she shows it looking as good as new – leaving people seriously impressed.

“I’m going to try this”, one person commented.

Someone else wrote: “I just put it in the washing machine”, but of course sometimes your duvet will be too big to do that with.